Technology: An Impact On Your Day

Technology: An Impact On Your Day

As you look at how technology impacts your life, and day to day tasks here are a few questions to consider.

  • Where does technology offer me improved productivity?
  • When I feel frustration with technology, what do I think could make the difference?
  • In my career where is technology not effectively assisting me in being the best I can be?
  • What personal breakthrough with technology today would create the greatest impact for me now?
  • How can my life be enhanced today through the use of avaiable technology?

These five questions are an opportunity to reflect where technology impacts your day.
Where you find it enhances your day, celebrate these victories. In areas where it disrupts your day, or leaves you disempowered embrace this as an opportunity for growth.

Let us know where technology works and does not work for you. We look forward to focusing some of our future posts on these opportunities.

Have an outstanding day.
Bryant Zimmerman CEO Grand Dial Communcations

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