IT Services

At Grand Dial Communications we pride ourselves on our quality offerings, creative design solutions, friendly and professional service, and excellent customer support. Whatever your technology needs or wants, we have a dedicated staff ready to assist you. We can help you build a firm IT platform upon which to run your business smoothly and efficiently. Once you're up and running, if you have a problem we can solve it in a quick and timely manner. Our Help Desk and Remote Support Services allow us to streamline the service process and efficiently resolve any issue. Our IT Service offerings are extensive. Below is a brief outline of some of the most popular.

Backup/Disaster Recovery

  • All Data Encrpyted Securely

  • Flexible Storage Options

  • Disaster Recovery


  • The Threat

  • Managed Antivirus Services

  • Virus and Malware Cleanup

Support/Help Desk

  • Our Help Desk is staffed with qualified technicians who are able to assess and help solve your IT issue(s).

  • Remote Desktop Support allows us to virtually takeover your desktop to better manage your problem.

Enterprise Networking

  • Virtualized Servers

  • Network Storage (NAS)

Web Hosting

  • Worry Free: Grand Dial technicians will work through the technical issues. You provide the website content.

  • Network Storage (NAS)