Our Clients

We know we provide high quality technology services best in calls VoIP Business Phone, Internet and Web services, customer-friendly support, and cost effective designs and solutions for all of your IT/Communication needs. Don’t just take our word for it….

Knowledgeable IT with the experience to pull all the pieces together!

Peter Kotman
Co founder, Newayva

Grand Dial Communications brings the pieces of technology together by looking at the big picture without losing sight of details. The owner Bryant and his team are incredibly knowledgeable, and have the experience to pull all the pieces of our projects together. They effectively support our development and operations, and bring the best value with the resources available.
Bryant and the Grand Dial Communications Team offer a personal touch, and have the ability to get to the root of any problem. They don’t just ask: what do I need, but why do I need it?
If attention to detail, and consistent high quality results from your technology is important for you? Give Bryant and the Grand Dial Communications Team a call.

Diligence, with a relationship that’s got our back.

Thaddeus D. Phelps
President – Senior Advisor, Advanced Wealth Management

Grand Dial Communications provides our IT, Web Hosting, and Phone Services. They connect with us on an ongoing basis, and we know someone we have a relationship with has our back. When we have a problem, a resolution is soon to follow. Diligence, although sought after, is very hard to find, and when you find it you don’t want to lose it. This is why we chose Grand Dial Communications.

20+ Years of worry free IT. NO MATTER WHAT comes up.

Chris Huvaere
Owner, Wired For Sounds

I don’t worry about my IT. In the 20+ years I have worked with Bryant and the team at Grand Dial Communications, I always know that they’ve “got my back”, NO MATTER WHAT comes up!

Grand Dial Communications is looking out for MY interest first, without any “secondary agenda” to just make a buck. Providing “selfless advice” to address ANY Technology and IT concern. They really go to work to get the “big picture” of what we are trying to accomplish overall, instead of just “applying a band aid” to fix or address things temporarily (still paying attention to cost effective measures, and being mindful that we have a BUDGET)…!

The conscientious guidance delivered by Bryant and the team at Grand Dial Communications has certainly pay off for me multi-fold.

If you want a REAL solution for your Technology and IT needs. I recommend you make Bryant and the Grand Dial Communications team your first call.

Amazing service with nearly immediate response time!!

Jeremiah W. Phelps
Director of Operations
Advanced Wealth Management Service

Having amazing IT, Phone & Hosting Services is vitally important to our business operations in the ever evolving technological world. Our best technology asset is Grand Dial Communications they provide us amazing technology service in the areas most important to our businesses success.
We rely on our technology to delivery impeccable service to our customers and Grand Dial Communications nearly immediate response time when there is system issues is amazing.
If your business needs the consistency of great service and problem resolution when it is needed most! Grand Dial Communications is there to help.

Timely and Expert Service / High Quality Product

Nathan Ruffer
Operations Manager Fortune 500 Company

Grand Dial Communications proved themselves to my company early on by providing timely and expert service with a high quality product. Since that time, we have grown from utilizing Grand Dial Communications’ services in one local office to eight offices spread across the Eastern USA.
Bryant and his team were instrumental in establishing and installing the physical telecommunications and IT infrastructure in each of these eight facilities. Because of the trust our company has established with Grand Dial Communications, we now subscribe to their VoIP phone service for each of the these eight facilities.