EV3 Robotics Camp

FIRST   LEGO League Coach Basic Training

Ideal for first year FIRST LEGO League coaches, this training will cover methodologies to assist in getting your team up and running quickly. We will cover the Project, Core Values, Robot Design, and Programming. Our primary trainer has coached FIRST LEGO League teams, and independently coordinated state qualifying tournaments for FIRST of Michigan (the state league). He is a seasoned technology, and enterprise solutions trainer with many years of technology design and programming experience. If you are an experienced coach and are looking for more advanced training, click here.

Training dates are opened as they become available. Each session requires a minimum of 8 participants and has a maximum seating capacity of 16 participants. Space is limited so book your seat today.

When and Where:

Reg Closed: September 14, 9 AM – 4:30 PM 

Option 2: September 21, 9 AM – 4:30 PM

Registration Opens September 1st, 2019

Sessions will have a one hour lunch break and two fifteen minute breaks.

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The Project:

A solid project is critical to a team scoring well during competition and being eligible to advance to the next competition level. Some coaches have asked why teams have to spend their time on a project when this is a robotics competition. The project is a key component to engaging kids in problem solving at a level far beyond technology. It engages the team members where they live: their community and the world around them. When they complete a meaningful project, they can then carry out additional assignments as a team, such as designing and building a robot.

We will cover methods on how to approach the project portion of the season, and offer direction for many of your questions. We will focus on how you, as the coach, can engage your teams; assisting them in selecting a project that reflects their personalities and passions. How can you inspire the whole team to become involved in what they are creating? What are the project’s critical aspects for success? How can you guide your team to discern if their project will standout and make a difference for them and their community? What will it take to have fun exploring and creating their project? We will also discuss how the judges are instructed to evaluate your team’s project at competitions.

Core Values:

Core Values are a foundation of the FIRST LEGO League. When achieved, your team will work as just that- a team. They will stand out as a force to be reckoned with as they will have each other’s backs. They will build each other up, and tackle any challenge thrown at them. They will truly become leaders for themselves, each other, and the FIRST LEGO League community.

Many teams have questioned why they did not excel. There are many factors, and the greatest is usually that the team has neglected to take on the Core Values as a way of being during their entire season. When the Core Values are structured such that a team is practicing them at all times, they can’t help but excel. Each team has their own unique members with personalities. How can you blend them quickly into a cohesive unit? Usually, when the team is not working well, it is due to Core Values lacking. This means that we, as coaches and mentors, are not focusing our team on these fundamentals.

We will cover some exercises to enhance and strengthen our teams in Core Values, and how we can assist our team members in understanding why the Core Values are important. We will also cover how, as coaches, we can model Core Values during team practices.

Robot Design:

Many first year teams field the LEGO Robot Educator design with some augmentations. This makes sense to many coaches as the directions come with the EV3 Educational kit. If we, as coaches, don’t always know how to design a robot, how can we lead our teams through this process? When you don’t know what is possible, how will you direct a team to resources allowing them to create and innovate? Robot Design is one of the fun parts of the FIRST LEGO League; it allows for exploration and problem solving at a whole new level for your team. This is science and engineering at its best and you can shape your team’s success or failure.

We will look at the foundations of the robot chassis, and some of the methods that can be applied to strengthen the drive train of your robots. We will work with the fundamentals of gears and pulleys, discussing how you can show your team members ways they can apply them to their power train, levers, arms and mechanisms required to complete the FIRST LEGO League Challenge tasks.

Basic Robotics Programming:

Programming is the process by which the instructions set for your team’s robots are laid out and transferred to your robot. The EV3 programming language is simple and straightforward, allowing a robot to get up and moving quickly. There are, however, a number of items to be concerned with while laying out your robot’s code. Working with your team to build good programming practices allows them to create robots that achieve more tasks in shorter time frames. Some of the programming topics we will cover are: drive methods, loops, switch cases, and the basics of variables and calculations. We will work with examples for “Line Follow”, “Color Selection”, and the “Ultrasonic Sensor”. We will complete the session with a very brief overview of “Code Blocks”.

With these fundamentals of robotics programming, you can work to instruct your team in best programming practices, and set them on the road for success.